Our Thankful Tree

Tonight was a nice quiet night at home.  As the holiday season approaches I enjoy these quiet nights at home with my bunch.  We had a craft night tonight.  Tonight we made a "thankful tree" and we added leaves for all the things we were thankful for.  We all sat around the table and thought of all the things that came to our minds.  It was fun to listen to the kids and all the things that come to their minds.

(Don't adjust your computer.  I blurred out the last picture so no one could read our tree.)

And while we were busy working, this guy was busy crawling under the table and messing with everyone's legs and feet.

After the tree we made turkey's out of the kid's hands and they were able to color them.

After the turkeys the bigs went upstairs and the littles took the cushions of the couch and played.  I think they were having some fun.  Do you think they love each other?

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