Pictures are In!

Whenever I get the email that reads "pictures are in" I start to feel like a kid at Christmas.  Tonight I met with Tabitha and got to see all of our pictures.  Once again Tabitha did not disappoint.  This year we kind of got an added bonus.  After our first shoot she called and said she had a bad memory card and lost some of our pictures.  She has experienced having a bad card before but never lost any pictures.  (I have talked to several photographers and they have had the same issues before too.) I dread getting outfits together, hair done and clothes on but I so love seeing the final outcome.  So we did the shoot again, in the cold, and I think they all turned out really well.  Below are a few...now, the daunting task of finding the pic(s) we want to use to create Christmas cards and calendars. 


Amy Brown said...

Fantastic pics! Tucker looks like such a little man in that first one with his hand in his pocket and I love that one of the girls whispering...so sweet! The new site looks great!

Emily said...

Wonderful pictures!!!