Toilet Paper

...and we are in the toilet paper phase.  I love the different phases that the kids go through.  But I'll be completely honest, the toilet paper phase is not one of my favorites.  Now that we have five other people using the toilet paper on a regular basis, it is hard to remind them to place the toilet paper high enough so the little dude doesn't get it.  The problem is most of the little people in this house can't reach high enough to keep it out of his grasp. When he finds the paper it is like a treasure to him.  He laughs and is so giddy.  He likes to walk and have it trail behind him.  He is always so proud of himself.  Not only does he love the toilet paper but also loves flushing the toilet.  We can be in another room and we will here the toilet flushing and when we open the door he greets us with a big cheesy grin.  At least he is cute....I have to keep reminding myself of this.

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