Birthday Morning

For her birthday breakfast Paislee picked brownies with cream cheese icing.  A pretty good pick if I do say so myself.  As soon as Pais woke up we serenaded her with "Happy Birthday."  We iced the brownies then everyone enjoyed themselves eating a special sweet treat for breakfast.  One of the nice things about her birthday being today is that Josh was able to be with us.  So nice, in fact, he got a lovely shot of me below.  Yes, I just literally crawled out of bed, that is why I look so good.

After breakfast we worked on some new puzzles.  These were 100 piece puzzles and the first time the kids have done any puzzles this big.  We waited for Riggy to take a nap then got to work.  Paislee has an Avenger puzzle but she took it apart before we had a chance to get a picture.  And yes, she is into Avengers thanks to her big brother.  Right now her favorite is the Hulk.  The kids helped out for a bit then lost interest then when we were close to finishing they wanted to help again.

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Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Pais! We love you!