Christmas Gathering

Tonight we all braved the nasty roads, frigid temps and blustery wind and went to (my) dad's for our Christmas celebration.  As always, Barbara made a great meal and we all enjoyed each other's company, some great laughs, pictures and some presents.  Jaclyn and Rick are heading out for New York after Christmas so we had to do our celebration before the actual holiday this year.    This summer is our vacation with dad so that is what our Christmas present was.  The kids are super excited (and too be honest the parents are too.)  We really enjoy our vacations together.  

Tonight we took some pictures of the sisters.  I think it was Jac's idea to have the arm up to look slimming...of course Jac would think this.  

...and then we put dad in the middle of all this gorgeousness;-)

Here are some of the munchkins...We all got one present then stockings.  The boys all got marshmallow guns.  You can imagine the excitement they all had.  After present time there were marshmallows flying by our heads.  Then you see JJ and Rigley walking (and crawling) trying to pick up all the marshmallows.  We had a lot of fun.

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