Christmas Night

As if another round of presents was not enough excitement for our kids, we had finally told them that mamaw and papaw Doug had baby goats, as in triplets.  They were super excited to see the babies.  But then we told them the baby goats were inside then it was almost too much to handle.  These little things were inside because their momma is not able to feed them.  They had kind of a rough birth and their little bodies can't afford to spend extra energy trying to keep warm so this is another reason why they are inside.  They are being bottle fed, just like real babies.  There are two that have dark brown heads and one that has a light brown head.  They are pretty cute and very little.

We had a great dinner and enjoyed spending time hanging out with our family.  I love to see all these kids play together.  My mom's house is kind of like a zoo, literally. Obviously she lives on a farm but inside she has one cat (that thinks he rules the roost) three little dogs (maltese, I think) and now the goats.  There is always some animal for the kids to chase.

(PS- Josh and Rigley stayed home that is why you won't see them in any pics.)

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