December Pics in Review

All of these pics are taken off of our mobile devices and not in another blog posts.  This is just a sneak off the chaos/fun that goes on behind the scenes.

 Chaney had her hair in a pony tail and flipped it over to make it look like this
For our NYE party Josh made sword, hats and dogs with balloons
the boys with there swords
Chai with a caffeine level...nice!
Pais reading a book to her baby
My baby and me
Yes, one day the temp was in the 70's and Rigley wore shorts
Rigley playing under the covers while we were making our bed
Riggy with his sword (I love these jammies)

My baby and me after a bath
Riggy found more toilet paper
Pais has to put her kisses up so the lil bro doesn't steal them
Riggy's hair designs by the sweeper hose
Pais turns 3
Tucker shaving
Tucker trying on clothes...and acting nuts
Chaney at her Awana's C-mas party
My oldest and me

 Making a snowman inside because outside it is too windy & cold
Tea party for all four
Every boy needs a pair of Carhartts
Pais telling us to play Taylor's song "22"
First time I've ever seen a blizzard warning on tv
He is always climbing on something
Rides in the laundry basket courtesy of the big sister
Finding a verse for Jan. 1

Tucker made this necklace on NYE and wants to give it to Charlotte
Everybody lazying around watching funny youtube videos
Big boy in a Lazy boy
Beautiful sunset

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