This morning we went to story time at the library and picked out some books to read.  Chaney is bummed that we go to the library without her but we did promise to get some books.  She has been doing really well with her sight words and is sounding out other words that she doesn't know.  Here at the house we have several of the beginning readers books (level 1).  She has done well reading those with some assistance.  Today we found a few more for her then Pais and Tuck picked out some books they wanted.

Judging by Ryker's outfit (and by their craft) I think the story today was Frosty.  We were asked to come and and take a look and this is what we saw...

Tuck and Pais were pretty proud of their efforts...

After story time and some playing the library assistant gathered them to watch the feeding of the reindeer.  They saw Santa come out with his dog and feed the reindeer.  They thought it was pretty cool.

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