Gingerbread Houses

If you know my oldest then you know she has a mind like a steel trap.  Last year I mention we may do gingerbread houses then December came and went and we didn't do them.  Last time we went to Walmart she saw them and asked again to make them.  This year, I did not forget.  

I have never done a gingerbread house before but I know the ages and attention span of my kids so I figured our best bet (for this year) would be to get the kits.  In the kits the house is already built and the icing and candy come with it.  (PS- the candy that comes with the kits is not real good so the kids don't eat too much candy) The kids did have a lot of fun working on these.  Chaney loves any kind of craft so this was right up her alley.  If we had more candy laying around she would have used it all on her house.  I think next year we will get kits again but do one child a night for four different nights.  This way its not too chaotic.

and yes, while we were working on the houses Rigley took full advantage and did things he is not normally allowed to do.  And yes, we had to take a picture before we took him down.  

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Emily said...

It looks like fun!!