This year I wanted to make a list of the things that make me happy.  This time of year as we gather with family I always think of how richly blessed I am with people who love us and our family.  I could go on and on with a list of things I'm thankful to have (faith, family, friends) but I wanted to look past that to the things that make me happy. (This is just a short list.  I really could go on and on but no one wants to read all that.)

-watching my four blessings play together
-is hearing my kids laugh
-watching my husband interact with our kids
-listening to my kids recite bible verses
-hearing my kids pray
-spending an evening alone with my husband (this doesn't happen near enough)
-tickle sessions
-family wrestling night
-nail painting sessions with my girls
-sword fighting with my boys
-hot bath by myself with the door locked and music and candles on (this doesn't happen near enough)
-laughing with friends
-friends who are like sisters
-family that enjoy being together
-chai tea
-being outside
-random dance sessions with my kids
-pillow talk
-random quotes from your kids that make you stop in your tracks and just laugh

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