New Year's Eve

Tonight mamaw, papaw, Jake. Melinda, Crista and Addie came over to help bring in the New Year, or our "kid" version of New Year's.  Jake and Melinda are in from Georgia and have been here for about a week and we have only seen them for a few short hours on Christmas Day.  The kids were very excited about seeing them.  So excited that they sat by the window waiting there arrival.  Chaney waited at the front door and the youngest three at the front window.

Our "kid" friendly party had midnight arriving at 7:30 pm here.  We had a countdown on the iPad that we hooked to the tv so everyone could see.  We ordered some pizza, made some necklaces, bracelets, key chains, popped lots of bubble wrap and then celebrated the New Year with milk and cookies.  The kids loved hanging together and it was super nice that mamaw and papaw got to play with them all.

Since all the grandkids were here we decided to get some pics with mamaw and papaw...and when we were taking the pictures I did not even notice Chaney was playing with mamaw's hair...oh well!

And here is the video of the countdown.  Tucker was afraid the noises of the poppers were going to be too loud so he went and hid upstairs, that is why you won't see him.

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Emily said...

Maybe next year you can try out a Nye NYE... And Josh will be less confused. :-)