Paislee's Check-Up

Paislee had her 3 year check up with Dr. K.  She is not a big fan of the doctor's office but she likes Dr. K.  I kind of knew how she was going to react so I tried to talk to her earlier in the day about what we were going to do and what was going to happen to her.

As soon as we got there everybody had to go see the fish.  They love looking at this acquarium.

When we got called back Pais had to get weighed and her height taken...and you may have thought it was the end of the world by her reaction. She did not like it at all.  Once we got back into the room she was ok.  We got some snacks out and she regained her composure.  Dr. K came in and checked her out and we realized she had an ear infection.  Silly girl was not even running a fever.  On Sunday she did complain about her ear for about an hour then we gave her some motrin and she was ok.  This was Paislee's first time to be on any meds.  If you know me (or any of my sisters really) we don't take our kids to the doctor too much.  We usually let them run a fever or so for about 3-4 days and let their bodies try  to fight off the infection.  So now she is on bubble gum medicine (which she hates) for the next 10 days.

Can you tell she was thrilled to be there?  The bad part about this whole visit was I assured her and re-assured her she would not be getting a shot.  Well....when Dr. K realized Pailsee had not had a flu shot then mom became a liar and she had to get a shot.  Paislee was not happy with me and I really don't blame her.  Rigley had to get the second half of his flu shot today.  Let me tell you that a doctor visit is twice as fun with two screaming kids and one mom.

This was pre-shot and him getting into the doctor's drawers.

Tucker was trying to pretend he was the patient.  Doesn't he look so old here?  He was kind of bragging that he didn't have to get a shot.  I burst his bubble a little bit when I told him when he turns five that he will be at the doctor getting his kindergarten shots.  Leave it to mom to bring him back down to earth a little bit.

Paislee's stats were: 

Height = 37 in (49%)
Weight = 32 lbs (64%)
Head = 20.75 in

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