Paislee is 3

Happy 3rd Birthday Paislee!!

Dear Paislee,

Today you are three.  Today you are now more of a little girl than a baby.  You have grown up so much this year.  I think your biggest accomplishment was being potty trained.  You, Paislee, are so very sweet.  You are still such a little cuddler.  You like to watch tv while sitting in our laps.  You are the giver of random kisses which we very much appreciate.  When we ask why the kisses you are quick to respond, "because I love you."  Since Chaney is in school you and Tucker pal around and have become good buddies, such good buddies that his love of Avengers has rubbed off on you.  You told me the other day the Incredible Hulk was your favorite.  

You love to play make-up with Chaney.  You have started to color more and now love writing with a pen on paper.  When Chaney is working on homework you like to sit by her at the table and pretend to do your own.

For such a small girl you have a very BIG voice.  We are pretty sure you have two levels...loud and really loud.  Anytime we are out in a store and you are talking its almost like a yell.  Sometimes its funny and sometimes it drives us crazy.

For a little girl who waited to talk forever, it seems, you have quite a vocabulary.  You can talk and talk and talk.  Your quick whit humor and one liners are so funny and tend to catch us off guard.  Sometimes you say one liners that make us just laugh because these are things you would not normally here form a little girl.

Sometimes when we have a lazy day and you are laying around with your red shirt you kind of drift off into a different state.  You are rolling around and laughing and talking to yourself.  Basically you are in your own little world.  Your dad and I have started to call this "Paisleeland."

You are still taking a nap during the afternoon.  You are usually up by 7 am then in bed by around 9.  Rigley and you are usually the only ones up from 8-9pm and we spend some time alone with you guys.  You and Rigley are so much fun to watch together.  He loves to pick on you and you are so patient with him.  You guys are going to be best friends.

Paislee, we love you so much.  We love your big, blue puppy dog eyes and your beautiful smile.  We love your sweet demeanor and the way that you get embarrassed easily.  We love the sweet moments of cuddle time with you.  We love that God gave you to us.  As you continue to grow up we pray that you will love Jesus more than anything.  You are a special part of this family and we are so thankful for you.