Santa Hustle

Today was our last race for 2012.  We ran the Santa Hustle 5k today downtown around the White River.  This race was so much fun.  We loved seeing all the people dressed up in their Christmas attire.  Some people even dressed up or decorated their strollers to look like sleighs.  Today's weather was awesome. I think when we ran it was about 52*.  Pretty sure our run in October was a lot cooler than today.

Here we are with Anna's friend Kristin, she photo bombed us...it was totally ok.

Here we are...I think my  beard is a little crooked.

Here is everyone else...

Overall, this was my best race of the season.  I think I am finally getting into a groove of pacing  myself so I can run a more productive race.  

Here are two of my little santa's who tried on my gear the night before.

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Emily said...

Way to go gals!!!