Surprise....A Carriage Ride

One Friday evening each month we spend it with the Nye's.  Since we no longer attend the same church we don't see each other very much.  Emily and I have been friends since we were like seven years old,  no kidding.  I think when we were growing up I was with her and her sister Anna as much as I was with my sisters.

For this month we decided to do something different.  Chaney has been requesting to take a carriage ride for quite some time.  Since it is Christmas season we thought taking a ride around the city to see the lights was a good idea.  I made the reservation a few weeks ago and the parents decided to keep it a secret until we actually got there.  The older kids were dying of anticipation. We met at the mall to eat some dinner, then walked to our ride then we went back to the mall for dessert.  (Who decided to eat at the mall during Christmas season and on a Friday night?...yep, that would be me) 

The weather was not ideal but it turned out to be ok.  Earlier in the day I called the company to find out what happens if its raining.  Each carriage has a convertible top so we were good to go.  As we left the mall it was raining.  Each kid had an umbrella and we walked just a few blocks to our destination. We did find a lot of puddles and I think each kid had wet pants from the ankle to the knees.  The temperature was about 50* so it wasn't really bad at all.  We had our winter coats on and umbrellas so we were good.

Fun in the elevator...as we toured the parking garage, ha!

 After dinner fun with crazy faces...

The driver of our carriage was Ben and he was super nice.  As soon as we got on Tucker poked his head through and talked to Ben for about the first 10 minutes of the ride.  (No stranger danger at this house) The traffic downtown was absolutely nuts.  Our carriage's convertible top was open air so we could stick our hands out and wave to people.  And in some pics you can see Rigley trying to make out with the pole.
 After the ride, Ben let us feed Domino some gummie bears.  The kids were excited to see Domino up close and get to feed and pet him.

A pic of the big kids (no little boys) walking under the bridge...

Maybe we will start making this a family tradition....although as the kids get bigger, shoving four kids into one carriage may get a little tight.

Disclaimer: Some of these pics were taken with my big camera and others with my phone.  The weather hindered a lot of picture taking because of the moisture.

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Emily said...

Thanks for organizing such a fun night! Love you guys!