Tinsley Side

Normally the Tinsley side meets on Christmas Eve.  However, this year circumstances changed just a little bit.  My grandpa has been a pretty sick fella.  In fact, a few weeks ago he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and sepsis and we were not real sure he was going to pull it out.  This man is 88 years old, he loves the Lord and his been serving the Lord for many years.  Since then he was released from the hospital and is back in the nursing home.  Tonight we met there to visit  and sing to him.

If you know much about the Tinsley family they are singers.  Each and every Christmas eve since I was little we read the Christmas story from the Bible and sing carols.  Each year we end with the 12 Days of  Christmas.  We met at the nursing home and filled his room with the daughters, grandkids and a handful of great-grandkids and we sang.  Grandpa was alert and smiled at us.  He hasn't been talking or saying much these days.  He looked like he really enjoyed us there and knew what was going on.  After we were done we all had a moment with him not knowing if this would be our last time or not.  

After the nursing home grandma invited us over to spend some time at the house with her and our relatives.  It was so nice to see them and spend time with cousins that are in from out of state.  Most of these people we see once a year and others every other year.

Josiah did not want to be left out...

My cousin Julia and my mom.  Julia would baby sit us a lot when we were little.  She was almost like a big sister to us.

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Emily said...

Sweet family time!!

I was actually just thinking about Julia the other day and wondering how she is doing. I have no idea why! :-)