December Pics in Review

My new C-mas present already in a case
Cinnabons after the carriage ride
Chaney's artistic talents from church
My oldest & youngest
Rigley's favorite part about Saturday night church
Peppermint ice cream....Mmmmmmm

Me and my boys
Pais passed out watching her favorite movie (The Avengers)
Tuck playing Santa
Me and my littles
Chaney playing Santa
Hitting the drinks hard after a crazy day
December comes and it's time to say goodbye to the pumpkins
Praying with mamaw and papaw

I love boys in overalls
Then he took them off
He hides under the clothes basket
He likes the bath even with clothes on
Rigley sits and lets Pais come his hair
Trying to get some more drills for basketball practices
Love getting the mail in December
Chaney's note writing

New Year's Eve

We don't usually do a whole lot on New Year's Eve.  First of all, our kids would never make it to midnight.  Josh and I don't even make it to midnight.  The kids had been over playing at Drew & Claire's house most of the afternoon and they were wiped out.  After I picked them up, we came home and ate dinner.  Tuck got some new arrows and (another) new bow (a z-curve bow that Josh likes too).  They started playing this game last night and played for like an hour.  They were basically playing tag with the arrows.  If Josh hit (or tagged) them then they were out.  The kids loved it.  Rigley is the arrow gatherer.  After Josh shoots them Rigley goes to "fetch" them.


Christmas #7 - Bennett's

This morning was our last Christmas celebration.  We met this morning for a brunch.  We did not exchange gifts but we just got together and spent some time together.  

Here are the boys watching TV before we left this morning...

Gametime for Tuck and Paislee...

The kids around the table. This year we had six kids.  Josh has two cousins who are pregnant with one due in January and one in April.  He had another cousin who announced she was pregnant.  So, next Christmas there will be three new little ones.

Chaney and Leecie are about two months different in age.  Everyone there thought that Leecie was really tall.  Well, except for when she stood next to Chaney.  Chaney is a pretty tall girl.

Here is some of the family sitting around.  

We only stayed for a few hours then took off so Rigley could get a nap in.  Josh was working at the church for tonight's service and had to be there at 3. 


Haircut Day

Since Josh is still off work, I left the little two with him and took the big two with me to get our haircut.  Paislee needed to catch up on a nap and Rigley always needs a nap.  Jaclyn is 37 weeks pregnant and will not be cutting hair for a while so we got in when we could.  Since the two big kids are in school it's hard for me to get their hair cut too.  If Tuck was wanting his short then I could do it but he wants to grow it out.  

Chaney brought her Rainbow Loom up and Paul liked it.  She made a new bracelet for him and for the other kids.  Paul is much more comfortable at his house wearing his brace.  He never puts a shirt over it so you can see how big this contraption is.

Tucker getting his hair cut.  This dude has so much hair.  Aunt Jac made him look like a stud.

Aunt Jaclyn cut about 2-3" off Chaney's hair and shaped it up and thinned it out.  Our kids have such thick hair.  Hhhmmm....where could they get that from?


Soccer Blanket

Today was our tear down day.  The tree and all of our decorations were put up and the house was thoroughly cleaned.  The kids were constantly pushed to the side and told to do other things while we worked.  As a reward they went to see "Walking With Dinosaurs" this afternoon and loved it.

Tonight when they got home and after showers, Chaney asked is she could make her soccer blanket.  She got this as a present.  It came with two pieces of fleece and she had to cut the corners and cut strips and tie them together to  make her blanket.  She was so excited...not sure if you can tell from the pics.

Just starting...

Cutting the corners...

All the corners cut, now for the strips...

Finished project...

Since we determined this is pretty easy, we maybe making a few baby blankets for some new cousins coming soon.


Christmas #6 - C-mas at Mom's

After staying home all day we packed up about 3:30 and headed to Mom's.  She had chicken, noodles, mashed potatoes, corn and all kinds of desserts waiting on us.  I tell you what, we have eaten very well at all of our gatherings.  Our families know how to cook!  All the kids exchanged stories on what they had received and us big kids had a great time laughing at and with one another.  

Mo joined us again for our family event.  She is becoming a regular around here.

After dinner and present time my cousin, Julia, and her kids came over to visit.  Julia watched us a lot when we were growing up.  She and her family live in Kansas and she normally comes in each Christmas.  Now that the Tinsley side doesn't get together anymore it is hard for us to see her.  We are so glad they came to visit for a bit.

Christmas #5 - C-mas Morn

We are so thankful that the kids slept in until 8:30 this morning.  Whew!  That was so nice.

Our santa likes Double Stuff Oreos with milk.  This year Tucker made some reindeer food at school so we left this out so the reindeer would have enough energy to fly Santa around.

After the reading the Christmas story from the Bible they all piled on daddy for a picture.  This was before presents.

This little boy was so thrown off from his normal morning routine.  The allure of Christmas presents wasn't enough to make him happy.  His normal routine is to get up, get his clothes changed then drink some juice and watch Team Umizoomi.  When we told him "no" we got some tears.

Finally, it was time for presents...

After presents we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus then enjoy some French Toast Bake.  

This year we made it a priority to stay home on Christmas day and enjoy it as a family.  In the past several years we wake up open gifts then are quickly on the move to a few other places.  This year Josh and I talked and we wanted to be home.  The kids were able to enjoy their new gifts and we could just enjoy this day together.

Some Highlights:
Rigley got a big basketball goal and could not wait for daddy to put it together.  He was shooting baskets while Josh was putting the net on. (Tucker did the same thing when he got his about four years ago.)  Paislee got some boots which she wore all day.  Tucker got some new baseball stuff that can't be used until spring time so he was a little bummed.  Chaney got a Rainbow Loom.  Needless to say she worked all day on this.  Josh and I don't usually get each other anything.  Boring, I know, but that is normally how we roll.  And we are both perfectly fine with it.  This year I surprised him and got Apple TV for him.  He had the whole week of Christmas off so I gave it to him early so he (and us) could all enjoy it.  I guess this gift is really for all of us, not just for him.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
~Isaiah 9:6 NIV

From our family to yours, we hope that 2013 has been full of many blessings.  


Christmas #4 - C-mas Eve

Tonight for Christmas Eve we went over to mamaw and papaw Brown's for a great dinner and presents.  

They have this cinammon candle that Rigley loves....LOVES!  When we get there and he spots it he takes the top off and makes everyone smell it.  Then he continues to smell it all evening.  Goofball! 

We had a candle light dinner of ribeye steaks, chicken fingers (for the non-steak lovers), salad, corn, potatoes, etc...all the good stuff.  After dinner we went over the Christmas story then opened presents.

The kids got the game "Headbanz" can you tell?  They had fun playing it.

We had a great night and are thankful for family.


Christmas #3

This afternoon we gathered at my aunt Pam's and uncle Nick's for the Blackford Christmas.  My uncle and aunt from Oklahoma made it in by about 5:30.  We were missing one aunt/uncle family from Ohio.  Other than that everyone was there.  It's rare that all of us can get together anymore.  But we try.  Mamaw normally schedules our Christmas gatherings the weekend before Christmas so that we can all make it and are able to stay.  It's really nice this way.  We can call sit and catch up with one another.

This is Cayston.  She loves to look at herself on the phone.  So while she was looking I was taking pictures of her.

Yep, he's mine.  I caught him trying to taste test all the desserts.

Gift time...

Pam & Erin

Mamaw in her white elephant gift exchange present...

Pais loves to play with Juan.  It's a shame we don't get to see him much.