January Pics in Review

 Little sister showing some love for her big brother
I love these curls
Pais showing off her make-up (she did it on her own)
Hot air balloon in January??
Spaghetti anyone?
Time to run errands
Little brother showing his  love
Future table dancer?...let's hope not
Eating cheerios in a tube

 "...though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow..." Isiah 51:18 (a fresh snow fall always remind me of this verse
JJ playing like a big girl
Josh zonked out after a long day at his grandma's funeral
Pais' future is so bright she needs shades
Rigley & Addie playing at the viewing
Pais woke up and came down to cuddle with daddy

 Rigley loves to get in Paislee's bean bag
Chaney's goatee
My baby & me
These three wanted a bath together
Breakfast buddies
Tucker was nice enough to let Pais paint one of his dinos he got for C-mas
Bath buddies

 Oops, duplicated this pic...she is still wearing shades:-)
Tucker is starting to get into the Lego thing
I actually ran twice in January...
Group picture
A rare moment when he let me hold him when he slept
Breakfast with Super Why
Our favorite album right now
Mamaw's birthday card with cake balls

Electronic Guess Who with a Vince and Gill side by side
We celebrated our last C-mas 
Breakfast time
He loves watching the garbage truck
Back in the bean bag
My newest bible study
Pais was so excited, Daddy was  bringing her a mini  M & M blizzard
My baby & me
Sleeping babe (creeper sleeper)


Sparky is Here

Chaney was so excited when we picked her up last Wednesday from Awanas.  It was finally her turn to bring Sparky home to hang out for a week.  Sparky is the character that is in their book and the name of the age group she is in.  Each week Sparky makes a new home with somebody in the club.  He has pretty much gone everywhere with us.  He likes to sit with Chaney while she does her homework, when she is reading her books and even watching movies.  According Chaney...he does not like to be strapped into a seatbelt while riding in the car. 

Sparky even got out into the snow and made snow angels...

He also loved hanging out inside Chaney's coat while we were in Walmart. (I'm sure people thought we probably stole a stuffed animal and stuffed it in her coat.)

And in the library we found him checking out books and sitting on the shelves...

 and maybe climbing...I don't think he was supposed to do this.

Sparky has a lot of reading to do this week...


100 Days

Chaney is on her 100th day of school...how is that even possible?  She is officially more than half way done with her first year.  She still loves school and is learning so much.  As we were approaching her 100 days I was starting to think of ideas for shirts that they would have to make.  I have several friends that had to help their kids make shirts for this celebration.  Last Friday the letter came home and we just had to make a project with the 1-0-0.  I'm not much of a creative person and I'm not on Pinterest so we just kind of brain stormed on what to do.  We decided to clean out all the little, broken crayons at the bottom of the box.  We stripped off the paper and saved it.  We hot glued the crayons on then we glued all the paper on the inside.  To make sure the paper would stay we sprayed hair spray to make everything stick together.  I think it turned out pretty well.  Hopefully, it made it to school in once piece and nothing fell off.  I guess we'll find out when Chaney gets home from school.


Ellie's Party

Today after church I took the two oldest up to Chuck E Cheese for Ellie's 7th birthday party.  It's hard to believe she is 7.  I remember when Chaney was a baby and we were hanging out with Nicole and Ellie was rolling all over the floor.  Time sure does fly by fast.

I feel like I need to explain the pic of Ruby.  Ruby fell last week and bumped her eye.  While she was eating a big bite of pizza I snapped this picture.  She has great big chubby cheeks that are so cute.


Things Heard...

First, I must preface this blog post with this...Most of you who read this know that our children are young.  There is a lot about life (and death) that they do not understand.  As we learned a year ago with Isaac's unexpected death, we can talk to them about death and heaven and they still don't understand it all.  Nothing they say is meant to be disrespectful or funny but its just how they see things.  Sometimes in the midst of times like this they can say things that bring a smile to your face or some laughter to our circumstance.

With that being said, I will share a few items or stories that may have been heard during the viewing times from my children.  The kids were with us for most of the evening.  The funeral home had a room with toys for the kids to play with which was awesome.  Josh was meeting and talking with people most of the evening while I (tried) corralled the kids and kept them satisfied.

At one point during the evening, while we were eating some dinner in the side room, Tucker comes in. Josh has just taken him, Tucker, by the casket to see his grandma.  He comes in and says, "Mom, do you know when you die that your legs fall off?" While I try not to laugh, I say, "What?..her legs fell off?"  To which he replies, "Yes, I can only see her head and top half."  (Still holding back some laughter)  We tell him how the casket is made and that she still has legs but they are covered.

Paislee, yes the one with only one volume....LOUD, wanted to be in the room where "dead grandma" was.  A few times as we were playing in the hall way or walking around you could hear her say, "Can I go see dead grandma?"

If you know Josh's brother, Jake, you know he likes to wear shorts.  I'm not talking about like in the summer wearing shorts, I'm talking about dead of Indiana winter wearing shorts.  When they lived here he did this.  Now they are in Georgia and it makes sense to wear shorts there in the winter.  They were here about a month ago for Christmas and Jake wore shorts.  After the funeral Jake changed into shorts.  That evening we were all together for a family dinner and he was still in the shorts.  We got into the car to come home and Chaney says, "Dad, I think we need to get uncle Jake some pants for Christmas.  All he has is shorts and his legs are going to freeze."


Verse #2

However, I consider my life nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace.   -Acts 20:24 NIV84



Today Josh's grandmother went to heaven.  When I say she was a little ol' lady, I mean a little lady.  On a good day she barely reached five foot tall.  She and Josh's grandfather were married for 65+ years and have 3 daughters.  She loved music...playing the piano and singing were her favorite things.  She was a lady that loved the Lord with everything that she had.  If you met her you would immediatley know that she was about faith and family.  She spent many years clowning around...literally! They were clowns who went around singing about Christ. 

Grandma had a huge heart and loved everyone.  She was quick with a smile and a hug.  She would often have a random song for anything.  Most of the time you could find her in the kitchen cooking some wonderful food.  She loved her girls and taught them to love the Lord.  Grandma never did quite get the hang of my sarcasm.  When I would tease her she would just laugh and was never sure what to say.  One thing I will say is that you never wanted to play a game with her.  She may have a cheated some....or a lot.  She always claimed that she never knew the rules but I'm not really sure that was the truth.

Today heaven gained an angel.  I'm glad that I had the priviledge of knowing her for a short time.  I'm glad that my kids got to know her for a short time. The next few days will tough but we know that she is in a much better place.

Below are some pictures of her over the last couple of years...



Proud Parents

Tonight Awanas resumed after a two week break.  They run on the same schedule as school so we are now at the end of the second quarter.  We walked in tonight and Tucker is once again at the top of his class or age group.  He was awarded another prize tonight for one of the highest point totals...even though they didn't put his point total on the certificate.  They receive points for bringing their vest, bibles, memorizing verses and for bringing items on the "theme" nights.

Chaney's turn...Chaney was nominated by her teacher for a "generosity" character award.  Chaney never tells us about these things, we just kind of find out by reading the monthly newsletter from school.  She and eleven other kindergarteners were nominated.  Not a bad gig with about 90-100 kindergarteners at her school.  (Sorry for the size and quality of this pic.  My IT department and myself can not get this picture any bigger without losing resolution.  When they send these things out they don't send them in a format that helps out moms with blogs:-))

We are super proud of these two!


Pais vs 4 Wheeler

Yep...the title of this pretty much means it didn't turn out good.  On Sunday afternoon Josh took the three oldest (like he has done before) four wheeling and sledding at his grandpa's house.  They were having a blast until Pais got hurt.  Pais likes to help her daddy drive so she sits on the four wheeler with Josh.  As they were going through a ditch and back up Pailee's head flung forward and she gashed it open on the four wheeler.  Josh didn't think much about it until he looked at her face and she had blood running down it.  

After coming inside and getting her fixed up Pais wasn't acting herself.  She wanted to see her mommy and come home.  I had Rigley and was on my way into town to get some groceries when I got his call. I turned around and came home and met them at the door.  She had a huge goose egg...HUGE and a gash in the middle of it.  It was still bleeding so we put a band-aid on it.  After she got home and saw mommy and ate some food she was acting fine.  Within the hour she was picking fights again.  However, the bleeding did not stop.  The gash continued to bleed throughout the evening.  Right before she went to bed we changed her bandaid again.  We went up in the middle of the night to make sure she wasn't bleeding everywhere and she was not.  When she got up this morning I took her band aid off and it was still bleeding just a touch.  The goose egg was pretty much gone.

We never did take her to get stitches but I kind of think maybe we should have.  The cut still looks pretty nasty and we are afraid with her clumsiness that it is better if we keep a butterfly bandaid and a regular bandaid on it for a few days.

This is her on Monday morning.  She is not one for pictures so this is all I can get.  She does look really pathetic but really it she has not been that bad.


Brown Side

Who needs 12 days of Christmas when you can have 25 days of Christmas.  Tonight was our final Christmas celebration with Josh's parents.  We had a big dinner of steak, baked potato, salad, etc.  It was great.  After dinner the kids were ready to open presents.  Mamaw sat down with the kids and went over the Christmas story with the nativity set.  They kind of played out all the parts with each character.

We had a great time and the kids enjoyed their presents....and we did too!  They have lots of crafts to keep them busy in these cold months.  And PS- Tucker got a potato gun and a marshmallow gun so if you come to my house and find bits of potato and marshmallows everywhere you now know why.


Paislee's Verse

Since we are all learning verses now Pais doesn't want to be left out of the action.  She often tries to memorize the same verse Tucker does for Awanas.  Right now Chaney is in the process of trying to memorize all the books of the New Testament for Awanas.

Tonight while Pais was in the bathtub she wanted to say her verse and, of course, I videoed it. This is the verse they have been learning on Sundays.

Gone Again

 Last night the kids stayed the night with papaw and mamaw Barbara.  Since Dad and Barbara are both teachers they get a Christmas vacation too.  They came out Wednesday afternoon and picked up the three oldest to spend the night.  Throughout the evening dad sent me pics of what was going on.  I think its safe to say they may have had a steady of diet of sugar cookies and icing.

On the way back home Barbara sent me this pic.  Truth be told, the only one really asleep was Pais, they other two were just acting like it.

And since the big kids were gone for 24 hours, this little guy had me to himself.  I think its safe to say he enjoyed the cuddle time with mom.  But he did miss his brothers and sisters a whole lot.