100 Days

Chaney is on her 100th day of school...how is that even possible?  She is officially more than half way done with her first year.  She still loves school and is learning so much.  As we were approaching her 100 days I was starting to think of ideas for shirts that they would have to make.  I have several friends that had to help their kids make shirts for this celebration.  Last Friday the letter came home and we just had to make a project with the 1-0-0.  I'm not much of a creative person and I'm not on Pinterest so we just kind of brain stormed on what to do.  We decided to clean out all the little, broken crayons at the bottom of the box.  We stripped off the paper and saved it.  We hot glued the crayons on then we glued all the paper on the inside.  To make sure the paper would stay we sprayed hair spray to make everything stick together.  I think it turned out pretty well.  Hopefully, it made it to school in once piece and nothing fell off.  I guess we'll find out when Chaney gets home from school.

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Emily said...

That's awesome! Good job, Katie!