Pais vs 4 Wheeler

Yep...the title of this pretty much means it didn't turn out good.  On Sunday afternoon Josh took the three oldest (like he has done before) four wheeling and sledding at his grandpa's house.  They were having a blast until Pais got hurt.  Pais likes to help her daddy drive so she sits on the four wheeler with Josh.  As they were going through a ditch and back up Pailee's head flung forward and she gashed it open on the four wheeler.  Josh didn't think much about it until he looked at her face and she had blood running down it.  

After coming inside and getting her fixed up Pais wasn't acting herself.  She wanted to see her mommy and come home.  I had Rigley and was on my way into town to get some groceries when I got his call. I turned around and came home and met them at the door.  She had a huge goose egg...HUGE and a gash in the middle of it.  It was still bleeding so we put a band-aid on it.  After she got home and saw mommy and ate some food she was acting fine.  Within the hour she was picking fights again.  However, the bleeding did not stop.  The gash continued to bleed throughout the evening.  Right before she went to bed we changed her bandaid again.  We went up in the middle of the night to make sure she wasn't bleeding everywhere and she was not.  When she got up this morning I took her band aid off and it was still bleeding just a touch.  The goose egg was pretty much gone.

We never did take her to get stitches but I kind of think maybe we should have.  The cut still looks pretty nasty and we are afraid with her clumsiness that it is better if we keep a butterfly bandaid and a regular bandaid on it for a few days.

This is her on Monday morning.  She is not one for pictures so this is all I can get.  She does look really pathetic but really it she has not been that bad.

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