Proud Parents

Tonight Awanas resumed after a two week break.  They run on the same schedule as school so we are now at the end of the second quarter.  We walked in tonight and Tucker is once again at the top of his class or age group.  He was awarded another prize tonight for one of the highest point totals...even though they didn't put his point total on the certificate.  They receive points for bringing their vest, bibles, memorizing verses and for bringing items on the "theme" nights.

Chaney's turn...Chaney was nominated by her teacher for a "generosity" character award.  Chaney never tells us about these things, we just kind of find out by reading the monthly newsletter from school.  She and eleven other kindergarteners were nominated.  Not a bad gig with about 90-100 kindergarteners at her school.  (Sorry for the size and quality of this pic.  My IT department and myself can not get this picture any bigger without losing resolution.  When they send these things out they don't send them in a format that helps out moms with blogs:-))

We are super proud of these two!

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Emily said...

Way to go Tucker and Chaney!!!