Today Josh's grandmother went to heaven.  When I say she was a little ol' lady, I mean a little lady.  On a good day she barely reached five foot tall.  She and Josh's grandfather were married for 65+ years and have 3 daughters.  She loved music...playing the piano and singing were her favorite things.  She was a lady that loved the Lord with everything that she had.  If you met her you would immediatley know that she was about faith and family.  She spent many years clowning around...literally! They were clowns who went around singing about Christ. 

Grandma had a huge heart and loved everyone.  She was quick with a smile and a hug.  She would often have a random song for anything.  Most of the time you could find her in the kitchen cooking some wonderful food.  She loved her girls and taught them to love the Lord.  Grandma never did quite get the hang of my sarcasm.  When I would tease her she would just laugh and was never sure what to say.  One thing I will say is that you never wanted to play a game with her.  She may have a cheated some....or a lot.  She always claimed that she never knew the rules but I'm not really sure that was the truth.

Today heaven gained an angel.  I'm glad that I had the priviledge of knowing her for a short time.  I'm glad that my kids got to know her for a short time. The next few days will tough but we know that she is in a much better place.

Below are some pictures of her over the last couple of years...


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