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First, I must preface this blog post with this...Most of you who read this know that our children are young.  There is a lot about life (and death) that they do not understand.  As we learned a year ago with Isaac's unexpected death, we can talk to them about death and heaven and they still don't understand it all.  Nothing they say is meant to be disrespectful or funny but its just how they see things.  Sometimes in the midst of times like this they can say things that bring a smile to your face or some laughter to our circumstance.

With that being said, I will share a few items or stories that may have been heard during the viewing times from my children.  The kids were with us for most of the evening.  The funeral home had a room with toys for the kids to play with which was awesome.  Josh was meeting and talking with people most of the evening while I (tried) corralled the kids and kept them satisfied.

At one point during the evening, while we were eating some dinner in the side room, Tucker comes in. Josh has just taken him, Tucker, by the casket to see his grandma.  He comes in and says, "Mom, do you know when you die that your legs fall off?" While I try not to laugh, I say, "What?..her legs fell off?"  To which he replies, "Yes, I can only see her head and top half."  (Still holding back some laughter)  We tell him how the casket is made and that she still has legs but they are covered.

Paislee, yes the one with only one volume....LOUD, wanted to be in the room where "dead grandma" was.  A few times as we were playing in the hall way or walking around you could hear her say, "Can I go see dead grandma?"

If you know Josh's brother, Jake, you know he likes to wear shorts.  I'm not talking about like in the summer wearing shorts, I'm talking about dead of Indiana winter wearing shorts.  When they lived here he did this.  Now they are in Georgia and it makes sense to wear shorts there in the winter.  They were here about a month ago for Christmas and Jake wore shorts.  After the funeral Jake changed into shorts.  That evening we were all together for a family dinner and he was still in the shorts.  We got into the car to come home and Chaney says, "Dad, I think we need to get uncle Jake some pants for Christmas.  All he has is shorts and his legs are going to freeze."

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Emily said...

I love your kids!!! :-) I laughed out loud reading this.