15 Month Check-Up

Have I mentioned Rigley is not a fan of the doctor?  He likes the waiting room and entertaining those in the waiting room.  However, once we get behind the door its another story.  Today it didn't help matters that he had just got up from his nap and we went straight to the car then to the doctor with no snack.  Once we got into our little room we broke out the food.  Seriously as much as the kid cries you would think someone is hurting him...badly! Nope, apparently he has white coat syndrome at 15 months.  Goodness, it is enough to wear me out.  He did get three shots today, which doesn't make matters any better.  I didn't even get any pictures today.  Anyway...maybe he will grow out of this someday.

Here are the stats:

Weight = 25.8 lbs (62%)
 Height = 31.5 in (59%)
Head = 19.5 in (95%...yep, he's got lots of brains)

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