Crazy Day

What a day.... All the kids were up early.  So I decided to get them ready and go to Target.  Yes folks, we ate, were dressed and the three of us and myself were out of the door by 8 am.  I will leave the part out about how good we looked.

Last Friday when we were tubing aunt Sarah shared her pinkeye coodies with us.  Tucker's eye was starting to get red on Monday and I knew what was coming.  I called Sarah and got some of her drops and started him on those.  Today he woke up and his eye other eye was worse and Pais was starting in on it.  After we got home from Target we cancelled our playdate at the library and headed to the doctor instead.  We are running low on drops and I knew that heading into the weekend with no drops was not a good idea so that is why we visited the doctor.  Why is it the only thing your kids want to share is germs?  Pinkeye is crazy contagious and right now its going around faster than the stomach flu.  We got medicine for both the middles and have the doctor on speed dial should any more of us come down with it.

He is a good patient...

This is the before and after...Before, he thought he was the patient...After, he found out he was not the patient

 These two were having fun hugging each other.  He loves to hug her.

Funny Story...I'm at the doctor with three of the kids.  We are in the waiting room walking to our seat. We walk by an older couple and judging by the volume of their conversation they were a little hard of hearing.  As we sit down I hear the husband "whisper" to the wife, "Well, I guess we know what they do in their spare time."  Gotta love old people, especially old people with no filters.  What if they knew I had one more?  Maybe the old guy is just jealous;-)

Update on my "chicken pox" 
This is the condensed version of the story...Some of you know that I have had some spots on my legs.  For fun, I have called these my "chicken pox" because we don't know what they are.  No one else in the house has them.  A few weeks ago I visited the doctor to see if she could give me some guidance on what these were or something to help the itching.  She gave me an antibiotic to see if this would calm these down.  (By the way, it's never good when a doctor looks at you and says, "These are weird, I've never seen anything like this."  Only in the medical world do you want to be just an "ordinary case.")  So after 10 days on this antibiotic and no relief I called the dermatologist.  After last summer, she and I are pretty tight.  We have become quite acquainted with one another).  I called to make an appointment but she couldn't see me until the middle of March.  Her office called me Wednesday night and they had an opening on Thursday, so I took it and I was so thankful to be seen.  Seriously, if I had to wait until the middle of March I may have itched all of my skin off.

She comes into the room and sees my legs and once again I get, "These are weird, I've never seen anything like this. You poor thing."  After talking through everything and her examining all of the spots, she finally had an answer....she thinks.  While in Costa Rica I had got bitten my sand fleas.  My body had an apparent reaction to that.  Add in the fact that it is winter and I have extremely dry skin, eczema, my skin just can not recover.  In the last few days I have started in with more rash type symptoms on my legs and starting on my elbows.  The rash that is starting is a reaction to the reaction of the sand flew bite....these are very technical medical terms, can you tell? To rule out anything else she took two biopsies off my elbow to send to the lab.  By the way, there is no fat on your elbow and so you can feel everything....EVERYTHING!  I now have some heavy duty prescription cream to stop the itching and to save my skin.  Just a FYI, it doesn't smell real good.  After one coating of this cream I can already tell a difference in my legs and the itching.  The doctor is supposed to call me next week and let me know the result of the biopsy.  On a positive note, I'm glad it's winter and I'm in pants so no one can see what is going on.  However, if it were summer this whole situation may have never happened either. Hopefully now you won't see me itching my legs like a flea-crazed canine.

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