February Pics in Review

These are most of the pics off of our devices that don't usually make the blog or Instagram.

I love this pic of my littles
Rigley likes to hang out on my lap while I mess on the computer
Someone little person stole my drink
That is ketchup, not blood
JJ got put in this hole by her big brothers
Little dude was stuck in/under the chair (yes, I took a picture before I helped)

A slight wardrobe malfunction
My helpers with the Valentine's Day crafts
Sleeping on the couch
This is his singing face
Tuck likes to get in the bath with the littles

Eating a peppermint patty
Pais and I
Breakfast on the couch while enjoying a 2 hr delay
Fight night
Little dude in his beater
Do I have toothpaste on me?

My (little) dude of many hats (and maybe headbands)

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