Friday Fun Night

In 2013 we are carrying on the tradition of spending one Friday a month with the Nye's.  Tonight was our night.  We always have so much fun with them.  We usually cook food or take out food and we all lounge around the house.  The kids have a great time playing and the "big kids" (are we really adults?) have a great time laughing and playing games too.  Tonight Coop joined the little boys.  Anna brought him over then went out.  These little guys are pretty cute together.

I tried to get them all to look at the same time and that was nearly impossible....

Pais had fun pushing Coop in the truck (forgot to fix her devil eyes...ooops!)

Coop discovered the iPad

 Can you tell that these boys are the son's of nerds?

 Rigley was (supposed) to be getting ready for bed and he escaped from us.  He thought he was being funny and was backing up looking at us and laughing.  Then this...

 Yep, he fell right in.  The good parents that we are we ran and pulled our our phones to take a picture. He wasn't hurt he was just mad he couldn't get out and that we were not really in a hurry to help him.  We had ourselves our own little basket case....

Josh snapped this picture of us while we Anna was showing us some rather disturbing pictures.

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Emily said...

Hahaha! I don't really think we're adults either! :)

Poor Rigley... But man that was funny!

Disturbing just doesn't quite cut it (shudder).