Ice Day

 Last night, or should I say early this morning we had some ice come through.  We got a call and email last night from the automated school system alerting us to a two hour delay.  It's so nice to sleep in for just a little bit.  After we were up we got another alert saying school was cancelled.  We enjoyed a day at home taking it easy.

Since the ice was coming in we traded car positions in the garage.  Josh moved his car in so it would not get iced on.  After I cleaned the van off we went to the RedBox and got some videos to watch.

After we returned home we ate some lunch then I found this little girl doing this...

she ate one piece then came over and fell asleep on the floor.  I knew something was up when she did this.  She started running a fever.  Good thing she didn't have school.  If she did have school I think I would have been going to pick her up.

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