Tuesday we met the other Browns at the museum and Emily and her two little ones.  (This is Amy's friend Emily that we have hung out with a few times not the "usual" Emily...just for clarification purposes.)  This place was crazy, maybe it was because it was spitting snow all day and everyone wanted out.  Who knows...but the kids did very well and had a great time.  

Below, the picture of Rigley and I was taken on the carousal, he loves this thing.  However, he has entered the independent, "I can do everything the bid kids do" phase so he wanted to sit on the horse by himself.  In fact, he got so mad that my hand was near him or behind him to keep him safe.  This boy drives me nuts sometimes.  I keep telling myself its just a phase...its just a phase...

Check out the picture of Camden, I found him in our stroller a few times.  I have found that my kids do better with food in their bellies.  What I mean is, we snack.  We don't snack on junk, we eat decent food.  My kids don't do well empty bellies, I don't do well on an empty tummy.  When we go to a place like this I normally take advantage of the stroller and keep animal crackers where the kids can get to them and eat.  And when we go with other people I always bring enough for others.  It's rude to eat in front of someone and not share, right?  Right!!  Cam liked that we had them out and kept hanging around us.  

I always enjoy going to the museum with other people.  We always watch out for each other's kids and try to corral  everyone...if that is even possible.  And whenever you think your child is acting bad, there is always another child acting worse.  Is that bad to say?

And this is Paislee on the way home.  That first picture can not be comfortable.  We recently moved her out of the 5-point harness to an over the shoulder booster.  I don't think her body has adjusted to the new seat yet.

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Amy Brown said...

Thanks for coming with us! That picture of Cam in the stroller is hilarious!