Still Germy

Our day started very early.  Or maybe it should be more accurate to say that Tuesday night never really ended.  Tucker coughed all night....ALL NIGHT!  We could not find a cough medicine to keep him from coughing.  So basically he kept himself up all night.  Chaney fell asleep and slept well, finally.  Her cough was minimal.  I heard Rigley tossing and turning and talking to himself some.  At 3 I finally went and got him and he had fever.  His fever was about 101, not too high but enough to knock him down a few notches.  He got some Tylenol then ate some Cheerios and drank some water.  By this time it was about 4 am and we were having a mini party.  Chaney was still asleep on the couch and Pais was up in her bed asleep.

He finally went to bed for a little bit but was up early.  He loves to read.  He has three books that he loves.  He is constantly getting them off the shelf to read.

Several times today I caught him doing this.  Dozing off for a little bit at a time.

He loves to take his own temperature.  Chaney was finally fever free all day so she will probably go back to school tomorrow.  By the end of the day Tucker's cough subsided just a bit, enough he could actually get good rest.

By the end of the night this little boy was feeling pretty crumby.  He did a lot of cuddling but could still manage to laugh at Paislee.

And this little girl is still unscathed by this illness.  She currently has more energy then everybody else in the house and maybe driving us bonkers.  BONKERS!  Her energy level spikes about 8 pm when everyone else is drained.  She does make us laugh like crazy though.

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Emily said...

Paislee looks so grown up in these pictures!!