Still Sick...

Chaney is still running fever so no school for her.  She is pretty bummed about that.  Her temperature is not enough to keep her down.  It has been running between 100-101.  We have not been giving her any meds and just letting her body fight it off.  She has developed quite a cough and is sneezing like crazy.  I'm guessing if I were to take them to the doctor she would probably say its one of the flu viruses going around and that they need to fight it off.

We are ALL getting tired of being in the house so we packed up the van and went to run a few errands.  Any by errands I mean, stops where I can do everything from the car...bank, drop off items, those kinds of things.  I think only two of the kids were out of their jammies.

Chaney felt good enough to photo bomb her sister.

Tuck in his "Justin Beiber" hat...

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