Tucker's Story

This morning at church Mary stopped Josh and told her a funny story about Tucker.  If you know much about Tuck you know that he can be the first one to beat up his sisters and the first one to beat up whoever beats up his sisters.  He loves to pick on them but is the first to defend them.  In fact, its just not his sisters he does this for.  He and Charlotte have been involved in some other circumstances regarding this.  If you have ever seen the movie the "Blind Side" you know the football player has "protective instincts."  This is Tucker.

Mary proceeds to say this..."A few weeks ago I was teaching them a lesson and telling them that God loves each one of them so much.  As an example I  used a few kids in the class.  So I said, 'Ryker, God loves you very much.  Tucker, God loves you very much.  Cooper, God loves you very much.'  As I was going on with my lesson Tucker emphatically yelled out.  'Miss Mary, God loves Paislee very much too!'

As parents to this very protective boy, it is nice to hear stories like this.  Most of the time we feel like we are constantly on his case about staying away from his siblings.  We love his tender heart.


Amy Brown said...

So sweet! Such a good big brother!

Emily said...

What a sweetheart! Love him!