Cousin Fun

Tuesday we went up to aunt Jac's to play with the kids.  Jaclyn's kids and our kids are just stair steps.  Chaney started school this past year and this coming school year Paul and Tucker will be kindergarteners.  It's hard to coordinate time together right now so we really try to make it work over breaks.  The kids always have so much fun together.  The boys really out number the girls which makes Tucker really happy.  Paislee always seems to get hurt more than usual when we are there.  Some of that is because Pete likes to protect his territory.

Before we left this morning Chaney asked me if she could get her hair cut.  Normally when the rest of us head to Jac's for beauty day Chaney is at school and misses it all.  Once we got there she ran to Jac and asked and aunt Jac obliged.

The before shot...

and after.... She was so happy!

Once we were in the car to come home, it took this boy about 3.5 seconds to fall asleep.

Funny story...On the way to Jac's we pass Reynold's Farm Equipment.  As many of you know, they have a huge Christmas light show they do.  For Easter they have a HUGE cross set up.  It's very cool.  When we saw it we started talking about Jesus dying on the cross and Good Friday and the whole story.  Chaney said, "I know, Jesus died on Friday they on Sunday he raised from the tuna."  Trying not to laugh, I said, "Raised from what?"  She finally realized what she had said, "Oh yeah, Tuna is the fish. He raised from the tomb."

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