March Pics in Review

Rigley & Chaney made a tower of cans then used it as mic to sing
Pais fell asleep
He has mastered the stairs so this is our view now
Donating more baby items
Rigley licking the window
The rose between two thorns?...seriously doubt that
Art time for the littles
Rigley taking it easy
He wanted to wear this hat in the house one day

Finally, we got outside
Paislee playing on the computer
Our own bucket head
Rigley playing with more cans
All of us outside

JJ + hairy hat = JJ has hair
Rigley likes to take pics of himself and send them to daddy
Finally back out to run
A very special couple to us celebrated an anniversary this month
Tucker writing a note to his sister
Woody and barbie had a rough day
The girls fell asleep at the Nye's house

Rigley stuck in the easel
a few fun pics with Tuck for his birthday dinner
Rigley and his coffee cups
Rigley and daddy, he is a tired boy

Most days I'm sure this is what my kids think
Because we will never get old, we are forever 29(right?)
Chaney with boobs
Pais using her shirt as a cape
Daddy fell asleep holding Rigley (nothing new)
All four babes
My girls dressing up
Pais with a marshmallow gun
Rigley fell asleep before nap time

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