More Cousin Fun

Sarah's kids are also on spring break this week.  I guess Sarah was feeling adventurous so she had all the nieces/nephews to her house for the day.  The oldest two went of ours and Jac's boys were there along with Sarah's three.  They had fun and it's so funny to hear there stories.  I'm so glad they all get along so well.

The kids were all playing Headbanz...

I had the littles with me and this little dude kept crawling/climbing up on the table.  Think he is proud of himself.

I do have a funny story to share that Sarah sent to us.  The kids were playing PlayDoh and this conversation transpired:
Ella: We can play PlayDoh, but don't mix the colors.
Paul: Why can't we mix the colors?
Chaney: Because it's definitely not cool.
Paul: I know, it is very cool outside today.

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