April Pics in Review

 Papaw and Mamaw Barbara's new chickens
Rigley just holding Paislee's sunglasses in a new way
The bigs digging for some worms
The littles hanging out
Rigley loves popcorn
Paislee and her goofy face
The only paint he got on him
My baby and me
Best friends

Yep, just a diaper and a beater
All of them in the tub
King of the mountain
King of the mountain
Just taking a walk
  Humidity = curly hair
Chaney's a note writer now
Just my boys shaving
A moment before school watching Daniel Tiger

Rigley helped me drink this one morning
I found him in the garage trying to stick his feet under the door
Me and my baby
Climbing the ladder
The little trying to climb the ladder...together
Where is Riggy?
Teaching him early to weed eat
A boy and his shadow
Finally, he is in the nursery...for today anyway

Waiting on a storm to roll in
Just pointing to his brain
All of our babes
Sword fight
Me and my oldest baby
Sour cream (& ketchup) are a food group of their own around here


New Beginnings

Spring time always brings new beginnings.  With all the rain we have had lately we have bright green grass and the blooms of flowers, dandelions and the trees are growing leaves.  Finally, warm weather is here or maybe I should say just hanging around longer than the cold weather.  Today while we were out we found some more "new beginnings."  We have two families of geese around the pond behind us.  Each year I learn a little bit more about geese, unfortunately.  I do know that each year that go back to the same spot and lay eggs.  Lucky us! I hate the geese but I do like seeing the babies.  At this stage the babies are still cute and don't have the "goose like look" quite yet.  In a few weeks they won't be cute at all.  If there is a bright side Tucker now has more targets to practice his BB gun shooting....and maybe I do too!

Last week we took a break from playing on the play-set because of the rain and being so wet out back.  Apparently someone moved in and is starting a family.  Momma bird made her nest low enough that all the kids are able to look in and see the eggs.  The first day we discovered this nest she had one egg.  The next day two eggs then four eggs.  Momma bird diligently sits on her nest only leaving to get food...and leaving when we come out and take over her home.   The kids do well looking and not touching.  I have always heard that if birds smell humans around their nest and eggs that they will abandon it.  Well, so far either momma bird can't smell us or she trusts us.  

While we are out playing you can always find momma bird on the corner of the roof sitting and starring at us.  You can hear her chirps louder than anyone else around.


Awana's Award Night

Tonight was our final Awanas night.  To end the year they had an award night.  We all met in the auditorium and were able to see all the age groups and all their accomplishments.  The kids really enjoyed this experience and learned so much.  They have probably committed more verses to memory this year alone than I have my entire life.  It's amazing how much they learned.  We are so proud of both of them.  I will tell you each week had it's own battles. Some weeks were easy to get the kids to learn their verses while others were very difficult.  We struggled but the kids did well.

Rigley and Paislee found a nice quiet section of the auditorium so they could walk around.  They lasted in the program for about 20 minutes then we went back to the gym where we could run around and get really loud.

Chaney got a few awards...one for finishing her book and another for attendance.  As a kindergartener it was a great accomplishment for her to finish.

Tucker also got an award for attendance and for finishing his book.  Each quarter Tucker was one of the kids leading in points.  As a Cubbie (that is the age group Tuck is in) each week you had the option of learning the short version of each verse or the long version.  Each week Tucker wanted to  memorize the long version.  He has a mind like a steel trap.  You can work with him for about 10 minutes and he can memorize the verse.  Funny how you tell him the same instructions about 100 times and he has trouble listening.  Apparently God's word is more fun than mom's directions.

We are so thankful to all the volunteers and directors of the Awana program.  Each week they do so much and help contribute to the kids learning so much about Jesus.  There efforts and time are so appreciated.


Training Day

 Tucker has been asking to learn to ride his bike with no training wheels.  Today after church and rest time (and waiting on the weather to get warm enough to actually be outside) we went over to the "school park" and used their parking lot.  Tucker got right on and did very well.  Tucker has much more core strength then Chaney.  If you know him you know he likes to stand on his head, do random karate and gymnastic type moves.  He is very agile for a 5 year old.

These two found a golf ball and decided to throw it across the parking lot then they would race to it.  This also made for good moving obstacles for Tucker and Chaney to maneuver around.

Showing off his skills

 Chaney showing off her skills

 The littles wanted in on the action

Like Chaney, Tucker did well for about 20 minutes then got a mental block when he realized what he could do.  We continued for about another 30 minutes then it was time for the playground.  And he also  had sever al of these...

I decided to go for a run and Josh was in charge of playground duty.  The big three were off doing their own thing so Josh only got pics of the little man.  He loves to swing.

We were all walking back to the van and the little man was lagging behind.  When we looked back he decided to take a break and crawl up on the bench.  Crazy kid!


This & That

Sorry for the absence.  We have hit another round of sickness.  I really thought since we have had the warmer weather and the windows open we maybe over some sickness.  I forgot about the child in kindergarten who brings home all kinds of sickness.  Never under estimate the germs of the school.  Chaney ended up with the stomach flu Friday night.  She was down on the couch for about two solid days.  Normally she is up and about within 24 hours.  However, whatever this bug was had other ideas.  She ended up missing two days of school too.  Paislee came down with it Tuesday morning and was feeling better by that night.  She slept most of the day away.  This morning she is finally herself.  Tuck has been complaining of a stomach ache but has had no other symptoms.  

This winter has been horrible for us.  I feel like we have been sick more than we have been well.  I'm ready for some healthy kids and no more sickness.

Rigley climbed up on the couch to spend some time with Chaney and watch Dirty Jobs.

Poor Pais had no energy left, she was exhausted.

 By the evening she was finally feeling a little bit better and wanted to take a picture.


Verse #8

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6 ESV


Ice Cream Night

Each month Awanas has a theme night.  This month is was ice cream night.  They had a huge gutter like tray set up for the ice cream.  The kids got out a little early and the parents were invited to come in early to take part in this.  It was huge!

This was the only picture Chaney would let me take of her.

These huge sundae's reminded my of the huge ice cream fight we had in youth group...just a few years ago.  One night we had actual gutters and had ice cream in them and my dear friend, Andy, came and poured chocolate on me.  Then of course it all escalated to a full fledge ice cream fight.  Pretty sure that was one of the funnest times I had in youth group.


Kindergarten Round-Up

 Tonight was kindergarten round up.  Tuck was pretty excited about it especially since he didn't get to go to the kindergarten meeting.  He's so funny because he has such a nervous excitement about it and the start of school is still three months away.  We played outside most of the day and took him in to get cleaned up to go.  Then, of course, he wanted to swing for just a minute before we left.  He was doing tricks and asked his dad to take this picture so he could send it to Charlotte.  I think she was impressed with his ability.

A few pics before...

Our school does not do testing before so tonight was just filling out info and seeing the classrooms.  We went to Chaney's current classroom.  Tucker knows her teacher and she knows him as well.  He had fun sitting in there and playing a few games and seeing the caterpillars that will turn into butterflies.

After round up we took him out to dinner.  Lucky for us, Culver's had kids night.  Tuck was able to get his arm painted like a tattoo.  He was super excited, he loves Spiderman.

And while we were gone, the other three kids were having fun with mamaw and aunt Livvy.  They photo bombed my photostream with these.