5 Year Check-Up

Today was shot day.  At least that is how Tuck referred to it.  He had to visit the doctor to get his last round of shots for kindergarten this fall.  Tuck weighed in at 58 pounds and is exactly 48 inches tall.  He is pretty much off the charts, which we knew.  He was dreading getting his shots but did well.  He did get scared but cried for about 10 seconds.  It may have helped that we bribed him with a happy meal.  I'm not above bribing my kids.  All of the good parents do it, don't judge me!

He had his Superman shirt on so he was trying to rip off like he does.  I'm gonna say he gets this from his dad.

All of them in the waiting room...

 Have I mentioned we are transitioning out of morning naps?  And his teeth are coming in?  And he is likes to throw fits?  Note to self...don't plan any more appointment around the 11 am- 1pm time EVER again.  It was horrible.  He screamed.  Seriously, if this was Monster's Inc. this kid just screamed enough for the entire town to have energy for a week.

Finally...FINALLY, he passed out.  And it was quiet.  Very quiet!

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