April Pics in Review

 Papaw and Mamaw Barbara's new chickens
Rigley just holding Paislee's sunglasses in a new way
The bigs digging for some worms
The littles hanging out
Rigley loves popcorn
Paislee and her goofy face
The only paint he got on him
My baby and me
Best friends

Yep, just a diaper and a beater
All of them in the tub
King of the mountain
King of the mountain
Just taking a walk
  Humidity = curly hair
Chaney's a note writer now
Just my boys shaving
A moment before school watching Daniel Tiger

Rigley helped me drink this one morning
I found him in the garage trying to stick his feet under the door
Me and my baby
Climbing the ladder
The little trying to climb the ladder...together
Where is Riggy?
Teaching him early to weed eat
A boy and his shadow
Finally, he is in the nursery...for today anyway

Waiting on a storm to roll in
Just pointing to his brain
All of our babes
Sword fight
Me and my oldest baby
Sour cream (& ketchup) are a food group of their own around here

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