Awana's Award Night

Tonight was our final Awanas night.  To end the year they had an award night.  We all met in the auditorium and were able to see all the age groups and all their accomplishments.  The kids really enjoyed this experience and learned so much.  They have probably committed more verses to memory this year alone than I have my entire life.  It's amazing how much they learned.  We are so proud of both of them.  I will tell you each week had it's own battles. Some weeks were easy to get the kids to learn their verses while others were very difficult.  We struggled but the kids did well.

Rigley and Paislee found a nice quiet section of the auditorium so they could walk around.  They lasted in the program for about 20 minutes then we went back to the gym where we could run around and get really loud.

Chaney got a few awards...one for finishing her book and another for attendance.  As a kindergartener it was a great accomplishment for her to finish.

Tucker also got an award for attendance and for finishing his book.  Each quarter Tucker was one of the kids leading in points.  As a Cubbie (that is the age group Tuck is in) each week you had the option of learning the short version of each verse or the long version.  Each week Tucker wanted to  memorize the long version.  He has a mind like a steel trap.  You can work with him for about 10 minutes and he can memorize the verse.  Funny how you tell him the same instructions about 100 times and he has trouble listening.  Apparently God's word is more fun than mom's directions.

We are so thankful to all the volunteers and directors of the Awana program.  Each week they do so much and help contribute to the kids learning so much about Jesus.  There efforts and time are so appreciated.

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Emily said...

Way to go Chaney and Tucker!