What a day!  Today was a Home Depot day so the kids stayed with mamaw and papaw last night.  Since we only had the little man Josh and I decided to take advantage of this and start painting.  We were up until about 2 am this morning painting and cleaning up.  We got up this morning and started right in trying to get as much done while the kids were gone.  

After Home Depot mamaw and papaw brought the kids back and helped us out by keeping them entertained and giving baths so we could finish up.  After quick showers we were off to the carnival at Chaney's school.  Taking four kids to the carnival is not a real fun thing to do....Just so you know.  Rigley wanted to walk and had no regard of who he was running into or what game he was interrupting.  Chaney, Tuck and Paislee all wanted different games all in different directions.   Anyway, we managed, used all of our tickets and were in and out in an hour.  The only bad thing was we only got one picture of Chaney playing Plinko.

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