Kindergarten Round-Up

 Tonight was kindergarten round up.  Tuck was pretty excited about it especially since he didn't get to go to the kindergarten meeting.  He's so funny because he has such a nervous excitement about it and the start of school is still three months away.  We played outside most of the day and took him in to get cleaned up to go.  Then, of course, he wanted to swing for just a minute before we left.  He was doing tricks and asked his dad to take this picture so he could send it to Charlotte.  I think she was impressed with his ability.

A few pics before...

Our school does not do testing before so tonight was just filling out info and seeing the classrooms.  We went to Chaney's current classroom.  Tucker knows her teacher and she knows him as well.  He had fun sitting in there and playing a few games and seeing the caterpillars that will turn into butterflies.

After round up we took him out to dinner.  Lucky for us, Culver's had kids night.  Tuck was able to get his arm painted like a tattoo.  He was super excited, he loves Spiderman.

And while we were gone, the other three kids were having fun with mamaw and aunt Livvy.  They photo bombed my photostream with these.  

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Emily said...

I sure do love this boy of yours! :)