New Beginnings

Spring time always brings new beginnings.  With all the rain we have had lately we have bright green grass and the blooms of flowers, dandelions and the trees are growing leaves.  Finally, warm weather is here or maybe I should say just hanging around longer than the cold weather.  Today while we were out we found some more "new beginnings."  We have two families of geese around the pond behind us.  Each year I learn a little bit more about geese, unfortunately.  I do know that each year that go back to the same spot and lay eggs.  Lucky us! I hate the geese but I do like seeing the babies.  At this stage the babies are still cute and don't have the "goose like look" quite yet.  In a few weeks they won't be cute at all.  If there is a bright side Tucker now has more targets to practice his BB gun shooting....and maybe I do too!

Last week we took a break from playing on the play-set because of the rain and being so wet out back.  Apparently someone moved in and is starting a family.  Momma bird made her nest low enough that all the kids are able to look in and see the eggs.  The first day we discovered this nest she had one egg.  The next day two eggs then four eggs.  Momma bird diligently sits on her nest only leaving to get food...and leaving when we come out and take over her home.   The kids do well looking and not touching.  I have always heard that if birds smell humans around their nest and eggs that they will abandon it.  Well, so far either momma bird can't smell us or she trusts us.  

While we are out playing you can always find momma bird on the corner of the roof sitting and starring at us.  You can hear her chirps louder than anyone else around.

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