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Sorry for the absence.  We have hit another round of sickness.  I really thought since we have had the warmer weather and the windows open we maybe over some sickness.  I forgot about the child in kindergarten who brings home all kinds of sickness.  Never under estimate the germs of the school.  Chaney ended up with the stomach flu Friday night.  She was down on the couch for about two solid days.  Normally she is up and about within 24 hours.  However, whatever this bug was had other ideas.  She ended up missing two days of school too.  Paislee came down with it Tuesday morning and was feeling better by that night.  She slept most of the day away.  This morning she is finally herself.  Tuck has been complaining of a stomach ache but has had no other symptoms.  

This winter has been horrible for us.  I feel like we have been sick more than we have been well.  I'm ready for some healthy kids and no more sickness.

Rigley climbed up on the couch to spend some time with Chaney and watch Dirty Jobs.

Poor Pais had no energy left, she was exhausted.

 By the evening she was finally feeling a little bit better and wanted to take a picture.

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Emily said...

Poor kiddos (and mama)!! :-(