Training Day

 Tucker has been asking to learn to ride his bike with no training wheels.  Today after church and rest time (and waiting on the weather to get warm enough to actually be outside) we went over to the "school park" and used their parking lot.  Tucker got right on and did very well.  Tucker has much more core strength then Chaney.  If you know him you know he likes to stand on his head, do random karate and gymnastic type moves.  He is very agile for a 5 year old.

These two found a golf ball and decided to throw it across the parking lot then they would race to it.  This also made for good moving obstacles for Tucker and Chaney to maneuver around.

Showing off his skills

 Chaney showing off her skills

 The littles wanted in on the action

Like Chaney, Tucker did well for about 20 minutes then got a mental block when he realized what he could do.  We continued for about another 30 minutes then it was time for the playground.  And he also  had sever al of these...

I decided to go for a run and Josh was in charge of playground duty.  The big three were off doing their own thing so Josh only got pics of the little man.  He loves to swing.

We were all walking back to the van and the little man was lagging behind.  When we looked back he decided to take a break and crawl up on the bench.  Crazy kid!

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