Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school.  I'm pretty sure Chaney would go to school all summer.  Here is here pictures of the first day then of the last day of school.  Her teeth are back.

Last week we received an email from Chaney's teacher telling us she would be receiving an award on Awards Day.  Honestly, we never thought of kindergarteners receiving awards.  This morning Josh had the day off so he stayed home and I went to watch the awards.  Here are the awards they give out:
Math Award
Science Award
Art Award
Music Award
Academic Honors Award
Superior Academic Honors Award
Character Builder Awards

Chaney received the "teamwork" award.

She also received the Superior Academic Award for kindergarten.  

Since Josh was home and I have not had the chance to eat lunch with Chaney I decided to surprise her and eat with her.

Her teacher Miss McCormick and her.  We loved her teacher.  

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