May Pics in Review

We met our favorite family for DQ
Great thing about 2 boys and 2 girls...the teeter totter is equal
When he wants to swing he subtly walks to it and stands in front of it

 After Chaney got on the bus it was fishing time
I love it when he sits like this
Sitting on the trash cans playing
Baby bird
Trying out the backpack for hiking
Just working with his tools
I think he is missing an umbrella
I love this hat on him
Even studs can push pink strollers

 When your screen shatters this is what pics from the front camera will look like...incase you wanted to know
(Pretending to) drink honey from the bottle
Tuck upside down
Rigley got up early and got to see Chaney get on the bus
Audra and I...we took mom out for mother's day
Pais taking pics of herself
Me and the littles on a walk
Nursery friends

I love this sticker
Mud fight after church?....sure
Field Day
Rigley and I loves these juices
He photobombs me all the time
Ice cream anyone?
More ice cream anyone?
Mint chocolate lips

Rigley and I
Chaney holding the littles
Climbing trees
Everybody at DQ

This boy loves sunglasses.

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