Memorial Fun

Dad had his annual cookout today.  The weather was a little chilly but once the sun came out it warmed up and was pretty nice out.  Since Dad and Barbara have chickens now the kids loved messing with them today.  Pretty sure one of the highlights of today was feeding worms to the chickens.  A few times today we had a chicken on the loose.  Who needs a wild goose chase when you can have a chicken chase with about ten kids running around after it?  Needless to say we had some pretty good laughs.

This is our annual family photo.  My cousin Kylie was there and (we) volunteered her to take the picture.  (And of course its our kid who has his head completely turned around not looking at the camera) We are missing Tony, he was at  his family function.

Some random pics of the little people...

Believe it or not but Dad and Barbara are not the only people raising chickens in Broad Ripple, crazy I know.  Since they have six chickens every family got to name one.  And since we were all there we all got our picture taken with our chicken.  For some reason I do not have one of Audra.  PS-there were so many chicken jokes being said that we were all laughing so hard.  Of course none of those jokes can be posted.  We let the our kids name ours.  Captain Marvel Junior Brown is the name of ours.  I know this name probably surprises a lot of people;-)

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