New Do

Today we went to Jaclyn's for a much overdue highlight and haircut.  I love that when we go up the kids play so well together.  Tucker is usually in heaven because its boys everywhere and boy things everywhere.  Paislee usually gets beat up  and ends up crying at least three times.  Such is life I suppose.

When we walked in Rigley heard "Super Why" on so he went and sat in the chair to watch it.  This was short lived, he was only there about 10 minutes.

Uncle Rick got up early and went to get donuts for everyone.

Rigley got to sit at the big table like a big boy and eat lunch.

This little boy is so full of personality.  Seriously, I had to take 10 pictures and each one he has a different facial expression.  

And what is a day that doesn't have someone getting hurt.  Today was Rigley's turn for a goose egg. He was watching the kids outside and climbing at the same time and bumped his eye on the corner of the window.  It's starting to look like we beat our kids up.  I promise, we don't.  Our kids are definitely clumsy.

Today Jaclyn had a new do for me today.  When Jaclyn recommends a new cut I usually don't argue with her.  She knows her stuff and knows what would look good.  Here is what happened...

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