Picnic Fun

Each year Pastor Jay has a picnic for everyone involved in the tech team, choral voices, praise teams, musicians, etc.  Tonight we met at the church to eat and fellowship with others.

The kids loved it when the train came by.  

There were lots of yard games for the kids and big kids.

The night was going well until this happened.  Pais was running back to our table from the "food table."  She got tripped on her crocs and fell.  Apparently her head stopped her.  Both Josh and I were in line.  Once I heard her cry, I went and found her.  She got up quickly and went back to our table but was crying so hard.  Her head quickly swelled up.  Her chin, tops of her quads, knees, hands and tops of her feet were all scraped up.  She looked awful.  After about 45 minutes of being held, a little ice, a few cookies she finally got back up and started playing.  This is a profile shot of it.

A straight on shot...

Poor Paislee, she definitely is not a real coordinated three year old.  She always has scrapes all over her knees from falling.

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Emily said...

Poor sweet Paislee! :-(