Social Butterfly

 Chaney is my social butterfly.  She can and will talk to anyone and really isn't too afraid.  (Stranger danger doesn't really mean anything to her, kind of scary.)  On Friday night she was able to spend the night with her friend Audrey.  Then they went over to Lilly's house.  I know Lilly's mom through Anna.  We have run a few races together.

She came home Saturday and apparently was tired.  She crawled up in her bed and fell asleep for about two and half hours.  She never does this unless she is sick so we went to check on her and she was fine, just tuckered out.  She got up and had to get a shower to head off to another party at Build-A-Bear.  Her and I had to take a stop at the Apple store.  My phone fell out of my pocket Saturday morning and the screen shattered.  While we waited at the store she got to play with iPad, iPods, laptops and "big" computers.  (Note: They did replace my phone, I had Apple Care.) She was in heaven.  She maybe a nerd like her parents.

After the Apple store we were walking around the mall and we found this car.  She thought it was so cool.  She mentioned to me that she wants this car for her 16th birthday.

We then found ourselves at Target then to the mall.  Her and I ate some dinner then went to Dick's to check out some fun stuff.  Chaney thought it was fun to check out tents...and zip herself inside.

We made it to Build-A-Bear and met up with her friends.  These three are the muskateers.  They are in the same class and these two are all Chaney talks about.  There ended up being about 7 girls at the party.

After being out all afternoon and most of the evening it was time to head home.  She and I had a lot of fun out together.  It's fun to hang out with my big girl.

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